From packing and loading a truck to driving a truck locally or across the country. No job is too big or too small.

We help anyone who needs to move from one home to another

We even have repeat customers who call us to rearrange their furniture. They can’t move the big pieces themselves and are tired of the current layout and want to move stuff around. We have gone out to lift up the big pieces to install area rugs underneath them. We move gun safes from Murdochs to the buyer’s house. We go in and pack a service of china to be shipped to a family member. No job is too big or too small.


What makes us different?

Being agents for Wheaton World Wide Moving our services are similar, but we like to think we offer some things the others don’t. Other van lines charge an auxiliary service known as a shuttle if the house we are moving you into in another state prevents us from getting a tractor/trailer to the house to deliver. A shuttle is where we have to rent a smaller box truck and transload your stuff from the trailer, to the box truck to your new home. This service can cost extra money. Anywhere from two to twelve hundred dollars more. That can make for unhappy customers, but with Wheaton there is no charge to the customer for a Destination shuttle. Wheaton will pay the driver to do the shuttle, but doesn’t charge the customer.

Packed in One Day

We can pack your entire house in a day (3 bedroom or smaller home). We can do it faster because we don’t stop at every item to reminisce. We just get the job done. 

We Do It All

We can do it all for you. No need to find friends. No need to visit the chiropractor afterward. 

You're Covered

If we pack it, we “cover” it up to our legal limits, based on the valuation you signed for. 

Let's Take the stress Out of your next move

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