Behind the Scenes

The people that pack, lift, schedule, haul and take the stress out of moving and storage.


There are a lot of people who do not realize there are companies out there that will move for you.

They will pack your dishes, books, linens, etc. and carry your furniture out of the house, padded with quilted pads, and put it into a truck, drive it to your new residence and unload the truck putting everything where you want it. Merchants is the only moving company in Ravalli County authorized by the state of Montana to perform that service.

Adam & Susie Kraft
Current Owners

Adam Kraft has over eleven years with Merchants Moving & Storage. He was born in Hamilton and grew up playing football, hunting, and enjoying the  mountains. His wife, Susie, was also born and raised in Hamilton where she graduated high school then went on to get her BA in environmental studies. They both spent some time living in North Carolina before returning home to be around friends & family and  start their own family. Adam and Susie have 3 boys that love growing up in the Bitterroot playing sports, swimming, hiking,  and camping.