The No Stress Moving & Storage Solution

Whether it be the heavy lifting, moving heavy pianos or simply finding a temporary place to put it all - we can help make a stressful move a pleasant one.


Have you ever sold your house & had to be out but didn't have any place to move to?


... or needed to store stuff but didn't want it in an outside storage unit where bugs or mice can get to it?


... or experienced a move where you didn’t want to pack, didn’t want to load a truck, take the time off work or drive to a new location and unload it?

Let Us Help You Make Moving Stress Free.

Whether it’s temporary storage or moving from one location to another, we take the stress out of all of it to make it a pleasant experience for you. 


How stress free can it be?

It's as easy as 1-2-3
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1. Call Us or Stop By

Call or come in to see us about whether we are moving you, packing you and or storing for you. If you can’t afford “full service” for your out of state move, perhaps we can help you come up with some alternatives.

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2. Have a Discussion

A discussion on how much you are going to do, and what you want us to do. And when you need it done. Moving is very time consuming and we only have so many employees. Our moves get scheduled up to 3 months out, particularly in summer, our busiest season. So don’t wait until the last minute and expect to get professional moving services.

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3. Free Survey and Estimate

*We do free surveys and estimates for out of state moving and intrastate moves within Montana. Our local moves in the valley we do not usually do estimates as it is by the hour, for however many hours it takes. The more prepared you are on move day, the less time it takes, so the less it costs you

*Montana Public Service Commission regulates household goods moving so we cannot give guaranteed pricing. You will either be charged what it weighs (intrastate) or based on how long it took to move you (local hourly rates within Ravalli County). 


Common Questions

Don’t see your question listed below? Give us a call. 
We’re always happy to answer any question you have. 

No, Merchants provides our own trucks and the personnel to load/unload them. And no, we cannot rent you the truck alone.

Yes, we can definitely pack for you.

Yes, no pressurized tanks (BBQ Propane tanks), no aerosol cans, no ammunition (but we can move the guns) The things we can’t take are explosive and flammable. We CAN take your houseplants but they are not guaranteed to survive. They can freeze in the winter and cook in the summer so we will not be responsible for your plants.

No down payment. We may ask for payment when it is going to be stored before it’s final move, but on the move to your new residence no money down, but you have to pay by cash, credit card or cashiers check BEFORE we unload at destination. Local moves will be paid after unloading since we won’t have a price until we are done.  Out of state moves and out of county (intrastate) moves are by weight and miles but local moves are by the hour, so we won’t have a price on local moves until we are done.

You have options. The standard coverage is free and pays at 60 cents per pounds per item. You have options to take out replacement value protection with a selection of deductible ranging from 0 deductible up to $1,000 deductible similar to your homeowners insurance. AND  you have up to 9 months to file a claim since the van line knows you don’t get all of your boxes unpacked right away.

How Can We Help You?

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